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Students attending The Ferns Primary Academy are expected to wear the appropriate uniform. Our school uniform is worn with pride, and any item (including pin badges) carrying unacceptable slogans, statements or images of a political nature are prohibited.

We encourage the children to take pride in their appearance. The school uniform is:

  • A jade green sweatshirt/cardigan, badged with school logo (Year 6 wear purple)
  • A gold/yellow polo shirt,
  • Choice of either trousers, shorts, pinafores or skirt  in grey
  • Sensible black shoes – there must be no other colour on the shoe
  • Black socks for boys
  • White socks for girls
  • Reversible waterproof fleece in bottle green, badged with school logo
  • Winter hat in bottle green, badged with school logo/hajab in bottle green [as required]
  • Hair accessories, such as bobbles, should be green, gold or black and of a reasonable size. Extreme haircuts, such as shaved lines/patterns are not part of school uniform.
    • No jewellery of any kind other than a wrist watch
    • No nail varnish of any kind
    • No fake, acrylic or enhanced nails
    • No make up


  • Book bag in bottle green, badged with school logo
  • Drawstring  gym bag in bottle green, badged with school logo

During warm weather the uniform for girls and boys in addition to the above would include:

  • Gingham dress in bottle green or yellow
  • Grey shorts
  • Sun hat in bottle green, badged with school logo

The PE kit consists of grey jogging bottoms, a yellow t-shirt ( both with school logo) and black pumps. The PE Kit should be kept in a draw-string bag and should be brought to school at the start of each half term and taken home for washing during the school holidays.

Please ensure that your child’s name is in all their clothes.


Expectations for Wearing Uniform

Having a uniform demonstrates that students are a member of the academy community and therefore The Ferns Primary Academy has high expectations for how the uniform is worn and a catchphrase “be smart think smart”.

If there is a reason your child cannot wear full school uniform please contact the school office before the beginning of the school day to give reasons why. Could we please ask for your full support to maintain a high standard of school uniform at all times.


Additional Points

Students should not:

  • Wear outside clothing in assembly/lesson times and on the corridors, this includes overcoats, jackets, hoodies, hats, gloves.

The only exception to this will be at the Principal’s discretion in severely inclement weather.

Mobile phones/ smartwatches and other electronic technology must be switched off at the academy gate, kept out of view and remain switched off until students exit the academy gate at the end of the day. If a child is seen with any of the items above in the academy, they will be confiscated, placed in the safe, and will only be returned to a parent/carer.

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